NAME                           DR. Naresh Chandra Saxena

DATE OF BIRTH           26 July 1942

NATIONALITY               Indian

LANGUAGES                English


Natural resource management, rural livelihoods, poverty alleviation, food security, community forestry, watershed and drinking water programmes, governance, decentralisation, and peoples’ participation.



D.Phil. on Agro-forestry in India, University of Oxford, UK


PhD (honorary), University of East Anglia, UK



From 2002                     Independent consultant.  Recent assignments include:

  • Analysis of budget and program delivery for poor states in India for Unicef
  • Evaluation of WFP India along with Tony Beck and Ellen Girerd-Barclay (2006)
  • Team Leader, Mid-term evaluation, Watershed Development Programmes in Orissa for DFID (2006)
  • Peer Review of a World Bank study on Corruption in Orissa in development programmes (2006)
  • Reforming Public Distribution System in Bihar for World Bank (2006)
  • Paper on poverty alleviation programmes in India for World Bank (2006)
  • Natural Resource Management and ethnic minorities in Laos and Vietnam for ADB (2005)
  • Reviewed State Human Development Reports with Carl Riskin for UNDP (2005)
  • Peer Review of World Bank studies on Program Delivery & Centrally Sponsored Schemes in India (2005)
  • Appraisal of a SIDA funded World Bank proposal to set up a new Social Development Unit (2005)
  • Peer Review of a World Bank /FAO book on forestry in India (2005)
  • Presentation for SIDA on ‘Forestry in Laos’ before Deputy PM & several Ministers (2005)
  • Member, DFID Watershed Mission, Orissa (2005)
  • Member, Evaluation of CIDA activities in India (2004)
  • Develop Social Capital and Participation in Vietnam for UNDP (2004)
  • Adviser, World Bank, proposed forestry project, Jharkhand (2004)
  • Paper for IUCN Geneva on poverty & environment (2004)
  • Reviewed Water & Sanitation Programmes in Bihar for Unicef (2004)
  • Reviewed ADB’s strategy for poverty reduction in Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia (2004)
  • Wrote a paper on ‘Land Management in India’ for World Bank & DFID (2004)
  • Wrote a paper on “Poverty Assessment in Tonle Sap (Cambodia), & presented in a World Bank/ADB workshop at Phnom Penh in April 2004
  • Reviewed ICDS programme for Unicef in Jharkhand (2004)
  • Appointed Member, Central Vigilance Committee  in terms of the order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court dated 12th July,2006 in Writ Petition (C.A.No.196 of 2001).
  • Reviewed ICDS and immunisation programs in Bihar for Unicef (2003)
  • Prepared a policy note on service delivery & governance in Kerala for ADB (2003)
  • Member of the World Bank Mission on Punjab on governance (2003)
  • Wrote for SIDA the background paper and facilitated the donor workshop on ‘New Government Policy on Bilateral Aid’ (2003),
  • Helped Oxford Policy Management (OPM) on Rural Poverty in UP for World Bank (2003)
  • Wrote a paper on ‘Financial Transfers to Bihar’ for World Bank (2003)
  • Associate Member of an International Team to evaluate IUCN (2003)
  • Reviewed along with Bob Fisher a study by CIFOR on participatory forest management in India, China, and the Philippines for IFAD (2003)
  • Helped the World Bank in writing the Development Policy Review for India (2003)
  • Wrote a paper for IFPRI, Washington on ‘Land Policy in India’ (2003)
  • Wrote three papers with John Farrington for ODI, London on poverty programmes & food security in India (2002-03)
  • Facilitated a Danida Workshop on Gender and Agriculture (2003)
  • Reviewed school sanitation in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka for Unicef (2002)
  • Reviewed health and drinking water interventions of Unicef in Orissa (2002)
  • Wrote a paper for ICIMOD on Natural Resource Management (2002)
  • Wrote a paper on Poverty and Environment in India for UNDP (2002)
  •  Suggested a new poverty intervention strategy for UNDP (2002),
  • Worked as a NRM Specialist for a DFID/IFAD Mission on Orissa (2001)
  • Wrote an article for OED, World Bank on Forestry in India (2001)
  • Wrote a paper for IFAD on ‘Rural Poverty, Gender & NRM in Meghalaya’ (2001)
  • Appraised a SIDA/CIDA Project on Tree Growers Cooperatives (2001)
  • Wrote a paper for Danida on Peoples’ Participation and Civil Society (2001)
  • Reviewed a World Bank study on drinking water in India and Pakistan (2001)
  • Reviewed for SIDA the progress of Centre for Science and Environment (2001)



Secretary, Planning Commission, Government of India


Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India


Director, National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie, India


Adviser with a NGO, SPWD, New Delhi, India


On leave to do research on forests and poverty issues


Joint Secretary, Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India


Expert, Rural Development, Afghanistan


Secretary, Govt. of U.P. in Land Reforms and Food & Civil Supplies


Deputy Director, National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie, India


Various positions in government with 4 years as District Magistrate


Lecturer, University of Allahabad, India


Recent Presentation of papers or attending International Workshops

May, 2006

Presentation on Governance, World Bank at Colombo

October 2005

Paper on NRM & ethnic minorities in Vietnam and Laos for ADB

March 2005

Presentation on External Aid in India at London for IDS

November 2004

Keynote address on Linking Research with Policy, DSA Conference, London (ODI)

November 2004

Keynote speech on Role of Planning in a Market Economy (World Bank, Vietnam)

September 2004

Paper on Agriculture at OECD workshop at Paris, and discussions with IUCN at Geneva

April-Sept 2004

Field visits to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia to study ADB’s poverty reduction strategy

July, 2003

Keynote address on Food Security to DFID Rural Dev. Advisers, Surrey (UK)

May -July 2003

Nairobi, Bangkok, and Geneva to review IUCN’s work

May 2003

CIFOR Indonesia to review a study on local management of forests

April 2003

Colombo, World Bank meet on Poverty

Dec 2002

Presentation on ‘Poverty and Environment’ at Kathmandu for SAPAP, UNDP

2002 - 2004

Four Governing Council Meetings ADB Institute Board, Manila & Tokyo

Sept 2002

WSSD, Johannesburg, made a presentation on ‘Water and Corruption’

July 2002

Glasgow, Member of DFID Board to recruit Social Development Advisers

May 2002

Kathmandu, ICIMOD, Natural Resource Management

March 2002

IDS Sussex, Poverty and Social Expenditure

Feb 2002

Copenhagen, Sustainable Development, Danida

Feb 2002

Rome, Poverty Alleviation Strategy, IFAD

Feb 2002

Manila, Forest Policy, ADB

2001 - 2002

Bangkok, lectures on Governance for Actionaid

Aug 2001

Bern and Basel, Lectures on Economic Development in India, SDC

Aug 2001

Stockholm, Sustainable Development, SIDA



Books and booklets

Trends and Prospects for Poverty Reduction in Rural India, with John Farrington, working paper 198, ODI, London, 2003

India: Alleviating Poverty through Forest Development, jointly with Nalini Kumar, Yogendra Alagh and Kinsuk Mitra, OED, World Bank, Washington, 2000

Joint Forest Management: Policy, Practice and Prospects (jointly with others), WWF India and IIED, London, 2000

Law and Policy for the Poor in India, UNDP, 1997

The Saga of Participatory Forest Management in India, CIFOR, Indonesia, 1997

Farm Forestry in South Asia, ed. jointly with Vishwa Ballabh, Sage, 1995

India's Eucalyptus Craze: the God that Failed, Sage, 1994

To the Hands of the Poor: Water and Trees, jointly with Robert Chambers and Tushaar Shah, Intermediate Technology, London, and Oxford and IBH, New Delhi, 1989, 2nd reprint 1991

Articles in Journals

External aid to India, IDS Bulletin, 36 (3), Sept. 2005, UK

Bridging research and policy in India, Journal of International Development, 17, 1–10 (2005), London

‘Updating Land Records: Is computerisation sufficient?’ EPW 22nd January 2005

Improving Programme Delivery, SEMINAR, September 2004

NTFPs in Orissa, International Forestry Review, 5 (2), 2003, Oxford

‘Post Offices, Pensions, and Computers’ Paper on safety net programmes, with John Farrington, NRP working paper 87, ODI, London, 2003

Role of Industry in Wasteland Development in India, International Forestry Review, 4 (3), 2002, Oxford

Poverty Alleviation in India through Innovative Policies and Better Governance, Asian Journal of Political Science 2001 (9): 95-122, Singapore

How have the poor done? Mid-term Review of the Ninth Plan, EPW, Oct. 7, 2000  & reproduced as an ODI, Natural Resources Perspectives Paper, 66, March 2001, London

Watershed Development in India: Policy Issues, Seminar, March, 2001

Articles in books

Synergising Government Efforts for Food Security, in ‘From Vision to Action’ edited by M.S. Swaminathan and Pedro Medrano, East West Books Chennai, 2004

Agricultural Policy and Rural Poverty Reduction in India, in ‘Integrating the Rural Poor into Markets’ by Bibek Debroy and Amir Ullah Khan, Academic Foundation, New Delhi 2004

Article with Nalini Kumar on ‘India Forests: Potential for Poverty Alleviation’ in a World Bank book ‘Managing a Global Resource’, Transaction, 2002

The New Forest Policy and Joint Forest Management in India, in ‘The Forest Handbook’ vol 2, edited by Julian Evans, Blackwell, 2001

The Western Ghats Forestry and Environmental Project in Karnataka, with Madhu Sarin, in ‘A New Moral Economy of India’s Forests?’ Roger Jeffery and Nandini Sundar, Sage, 1999

NGOs in India, Charities Aid Foundation International (CAF), New Delhi, 1999

Two articles on economics of farm forestry in ‘Tree Management and Farmer Strategies’, ed. J.E.M. Arnold and Peter Dewees, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1995


·                     Member, Editorial Board, Development Policy Review, London

·                     Member, Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry, Stockholm

·                     Member, Editorial Board, International Forestry Review, Oxford

·                     Honorary Commissioner, Supreme Court of India, to monitor food based programmes in India

·                     Member, National Advisory Council (NAC) under Mrs Sonia Gandhi, Government of India

·                     Member, Governing Council, ADB Institute, Tokyo, 2002-04

·                     Visiting Professor for six years on Forestry in India to Regional Community Forestry Training Centre (RECOFTC), Bangkok during 1993-98.

·                     Visiting Fellow, CIFOR (Centre for International Forestry Research), Indonesia, to work on Sustainable Forest Management, 1994-95

·                     Senior Post-Doctorate Fellowship from Rockefeller Foundation to do research at the University of Oxford, which resulted in Ph.D on agro-forestry in India., 1989-92

·                     Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), University of Sussex, UK, to work with Robert Chambers on Forestry and the Poor in India, 1987